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This is a community for all the Foreman/Cameron shippers out there. Whether you see them as friends, surrogate siblings, or something more, come join us! Let's spread the F/C love, people!

There are only a few rules I ask that you follow -

1. No flaming. If Foreman/Cameron isn't your thing, that's a-ok, but please don't insult those who enjoy this pairing.

2. No excessive bad language, please. The occasional 4-letter word won't get you modded, unless it's aimed at someone else as a flame, but please keep your language as clean as possible.

3. Please put spoilers for upcoming episodes, and for episodes that aired within the last two or three days, behind an lj-cut.

4. If you post fan fiction, please give suitable warnings if it contains adult material.

5. No more than 3 icons may appear outside an lj-cut. Please put all other graphics behind an lj-cut.

6. No spamming. If you'd like to promote a new community or something, feel free to do so - once. Any more than that, and your messages will be deleted.

7. Have fun! Spread the Foreman/Cameron love! :)



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